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Reikoku Consulting

is a comprehensive business consulting practice that enables startups and companies at all growth stages to scale swiftly, organically and cost-effectively, taking them from inception through expansion beyond US borders, and guided by proven strategies, expertise and mentorship that pursue one singular goal: profit.


Reikoku Consulting evolved from our profound belief in and deep commitment to the startup community in the US and Mexico. Our mission is to help fellow business owners to create sustainable and repeatable success in scalable companies that make an impact across multiple markets and industries, and to inspire others to begin entrepreneurial journeys that lead to multigenerational growth.


Reikoku knows the challenges and pain associated with scaling a business. In our journey we’ve scaled our own and guided others’ entrepreneurial paths to profit, and we make it a point to alleviate growth gaps by sharing our expertise through our consulting practice.

This is how we can help*:

  • Ideating Your Business
  • Startup Help
    • Gain Clarity & Objectivity
    • Gain Knowledge & Expertise
    • Help with Research
    • Planing & Tasks
    • Vendor Sourcing
    • Project Pricing
    • Business Branding
    • Website Design & E-commerce
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Advertising & Print
    • Sales Efforts
    • Graphic Design
    • Product Development
    • Packaging
  • Launching Your Business
  • Developing Your Services, Solutions and/or Products
    • Building Your Value Propositions
  • Competitor Analysis and Building Your Differentiators
  • Business Culture
    • Social Responsibility
    • Clean Supply & Value Chains
  • Building Your Team
    • HR Hacks
    • Attract, Train, Reward & Retain
  • Soft Skills
    • Customer Service & Developing the Customer Experience
    • Ongoing Executive Education:
      • Resiliency, Mindfulness, Stress Management
      • Discipline
  • Scaling
    • Procurement 101:
      • What is Procurement? Understand How Companies & Governments Buy
      • Grow from a Tier 2 to a Tier 1
      • How to Do Business with the US Government
      • Bids, Proposals & Quotes
    • Raising Capital: Options
    • Loans & Grants
    • Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Selling & Transitioning Out of Your Business
  • Industry Tracks:
    • Startup & Business Development for the Packaging & Logistics Industries
    • Product Design for Consumer Electronics
    • The China Connection: How to Source & Manufacture in Asia
    • Importing to the US & US Customs: Know the Processes & Players
    • Traditional Retail, eCommerce, Amazon Storefronts, Direct-to-Consumer & Other Sales Funnels
    • Take Your Business Across the Border: From Startup to Scale in Mexico


*This list is not comprehensive.

Our business development solutions apply across industries, with one-on-one mentorship customized to your specific needs and unique challenges. Reikoku Consulting leverages a broad network of business consultants who are seasoned experts in the US and Latin America markets, in spaces ranging from the arts, tech, non-for-profit, and everything in between.


When do you need us?:

  • If you lost your job and need to pivot swiftly
  • If you’re starting a business
  • If you need to scale and expand your business
  • If your business needs funding, networks, or education
  • If you need to increase your revenue and customer footprints
  • If your business goes national or international (US, Mexico, Latin America)
  • If you need to build out operations and connect with manufacturers and exporters in Asia
  • If your company needs to develop your key employees’ intrapreneurship skills, turning them into accountable ‘owners’

If you need mentors and experts dedicated to your growth and repeatable success, Reikoku Consulting is your growth partner at every stage of your business development.

Reikoku Consulting was founded by José Ochoa, an award-winning Mexican-American serial entrepreneur, engineer and business innovation evangelist who started several multi-million- dollar companies from the ground up in the US and Mexico, among them Global Containers & Custom Packaging Inc., a logistics and packaging company with branches in both countries which was the recipient of Microsoft’s prestigious Bridge Program, an accelerator for companies in the US-Mexico border.

“We know we share a common history of striving to learn and understand legal, commercial and fiscal processes that are in constant flux, attracting and developing talent, and creating solutions, services and products that you can pivot and sell to a broad market while making profits and scaling.”

José Ochoa, Founder & Practice Lead, Reikoku Consulting

From starting companies in Mexico and the US and growing them into award-winning, truly profitable enterprises recognized by leaders like Microsoft, Reikoku Consulting is your growth partner in end-to-end business scaling solutions.


Our relentless differentiators:

  • 18+ years developing multi-million-dollar businesses from startup through succession
  • Our team is bicultural and bilingual, with deep expertise launching businesses and operations in Mexico and the US
  • Headquartered in Texas and New Mexico
  • Proven excellence designing manufacturing processes and products, building out operations, and creating clean supply and value chains in China and throughout the US
  • Import/export expertise across the US, Mexico and China borders
  • Network of subject matter experts across multiple industries

Perhaps more importantly, we understand the unique journey that startups embark on. Let’s walk it together, relentlessly dedicated to your continuing success.

Reach out to us:
(915) 503-4715 – Direct

About Reikoku

Reikoku Consulting is a Texas- and New Mexico-based practice that focuses on developing startups and scaling businesses in the US and Mexico – no matter their growth stage. The company was founded by José Ochoa, an award-winning Mexican-American serial entrepreneur, engineer and business innovation evangelist who started several multi-million-dollar companies in the US and Mexico, among them Global Containers & Custom Packaging Inc., a logistics and packaging company with branches in both countries which was the recipient of Microsoft’s prestigious Bridge Program Award, an accelerator for companies in the US-Mexico border. In 2017, José led Global Containers to win the ‘Exporter of the Year’ award by the City of El Paso, Texas, for which he received a commendation letter from former member of the US House of Representative and US Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke. José also launched and operates Reikoku, a consumer electronics line, and he’s considered one of the top leaders in business innovation in the Southwest region. José is a graduate of the Stanford University Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative and a member of its Latino Business Action Network.


“You can’t find a more eager and passionate CEO to work with than José!”

Sergio Alanís

Company Builder (CEO Member (EntureCapital)

“José has an extremely high business acumen coupled with deep integrity on both a personal and professional level. He consistently displays leadership, humility, sound decision-making skills and a balanced sense of urgency. You can rely on José and Reikoku to get the job done.”

Derrick Murdock

CEO, IPS Packaging

“José [Ochoa] is relentless. He’s a self-driven innovator, a mentor and supporter. José inspired me to innovate and improve on my company and leadership game. It’s admirable to witness José’s mission and his vision of the future, his work and his attitude toward all of it. I’m glad to be an ally to his mindset!”

Marco Sáenz, Director, Mexico Division, BEPC Inc.

“Thank you for your advice and feedback. Your input has certainly been valuable to us.”

Vicente Delgado

Supplier Management Professional/Winner, Second Generation, The Bridge Accelerator Program

Frank Carbajal

Silicon Valley Latino Leader


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